Violin Services

Violin Repairs

For “violin repairs” please contact Will via email at: or phone at:(904) 206-7734. If using email please describe the repair “violin repair” and if more than a regular violin setup, please send a photo of the damage, if possible. An estimate of cost and time will be provided before any work begins.

Violin setup includes the following adjustments or replacements: Finger board, pegs, tail piece, strings, sound post, bridge, and end peg. Will will also service viola’s and Cello’s.

Violin Making

Will’s primary luthier focus is making violins. Like playing the violin perfecting the craft of a “violin maker” requires years of dedicated practice. The Fernandina Beach violin shop inventory continues to grow, the instruments are used as loaners or are available for purchase. Please contact Will to arrange a viewing of what is available.

Hand crafted Violins and Violas direct from the maker for $1500 to $3000.

Will offers Free Shipping and flexible 0% interest “pay what you can” financial arrangements.

3 Replies to “Violin Services”

  1. My granddaughter plays the cello and viola. I’m trying to find a store that sells strings. Would you happen to know a local seller? Thank you for your time.
    Barbara White

  2. Do you take orders? And do you still carve pegs? I am very interested in your work and would love some custom-carved pegs for my girlfriend. Our anniversary is coming up. Please let me know!

    1. Layne,

      Yes, I can do carved pegs. What do you have in mind? Violin/Viola/Cello? Do you have a sample or photo? What is your budget?

      I look forward to hearing back.

      Cheers, Will

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