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At five years old my first wood working memory was cutting out bird houses on a jig saw in my Dad’s workshop. Dad was a master craftsman, whom I assisted making most of the furniture in our home.

At age ten, my Great Grandmother gave me my Great Grandfather’s violin to play, I continue from that day taking lessons and enjoying playing violins.

At Twenty, for Christmas Dad gave me Harry Wake’s Violin making manual and a carving gouge, I consumed Harry’s manual, then put it on the shelf for almost 30 years.

At nearly Fifty, I started restoring that old German violin from my Great Grandfather. When I came to re-setting the neck I realized how little I knew about making violins. At that point I started taking workshops with violin makers and violin varnisher Joe Robson.

I continue to learn, enjoying every new nuance of this amazing instrument.


William D Howery:

Violin Maker, Violinist, Luthier
1325 Marian Dr.
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034
Phone:(904) 206-7734

Email: will.howery@gmail.com


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  1. Hi will Thanks for yesterday.hey can you text me the name of the video the count the basketballs. 207-676&9464 todd

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