Day Three of the Violin Making Workshop

Three days of learning and building. We started by making a model template out of aluminum, transfering that to a plywood mold, making and gluing top, bottom, and corner blocks,



thinning the side pieces, bending and gluing the side pieces to the mold,putting linings on the bottom side of the mold.




Then gluing the plates together, tracing the outlines and cutting the plates, and the final step to day was beginning the roughing out of the maple back plate.



I’m ready to sleep tonight 🙂

Violin Making Bibliography

Since I was in my teens I’ve dreamed of making a violin. My first book on the subject was a Christmas gift from my Dad when I was 20 years old along with a scooping gouge for hollowing a violin plate.

Dad was an avid wood worker until a stroke took away his coordination in August of 2009. The bunk bed’s my brother and I grew up on were made from walnut that Dad had cut, milled, and worked. Most of the furniture in our house was from his hands. He crafted spinning wheels, roll topped desk, chairs, carved figurines, wooden ducks, and decorative birds; the list goes on and on.

From that first book, I’ve continued to read what I could find on the topic of violin making. This Bibliography ( is the list of books I’ve read and some brief comments on their contents. While nothing can replace hands on training from a master, knowing and understanding the corpse on the subject is critical to mastering the Art and Craft of violin making.