Wanda: Purfling

Violin/viola 5-string Wanda: Purfling Groove cut, Purfling bent, ready for mitering the corners. One of the many things I like about making violins is the varied task. Rough sawing the maple and spruce billets, heat bending the thin ribs of the garland, carving the gentle arches of the plates, the scientific acoustic measurements and tuning of the plates, intricate inlay and mitering of the purfling, and sculpting the neck volute (scroll). Then after all this patient mindful work, I get to make beautiful music. Eventually sending instrument, imprinted from me, off for their own life with another music lover! Oh what a joy to be a violin/viola maker!

Typically the purfling is done as soon as the plate edges thicknesses are set, however that often leaves variations in the margin between the rib sides and the edges of the plates. Leaving either the plat margins, or the purfling line wobbly. Having the body glued first lets me get the edge margin set uniformly, then setting the purfling line.

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