Howery Violins offers a flexible rental/purchase contract for any instrument in my inventory, Violin, Viola, or Cello, designed to make it easy for parents and musicians to access high-quality instruments. With our rental program, all payments contribute directly towards the eventual purchase of the instrument. The contract clearly states the instrument’s purchase price, and once that amount has been paid through a convenient monthly PayPal subscription, the instrument becomes the owner’s property. As a student progresses and demonstrates advancing skills, I also offer the option to upgrade to more advanced instruments or even one of my personally handcrafted professional-level instruments. Throughout the rental period, every payment made can also be applied towards the purchase of the upgraded instrument.

This rental/purchase arrangement works great for the parent of a budding violinist as they grow from a 1/2 size to 3/4 to full size etc. My goal is to keep it simple and affordable for students to have the right sized and right quality instrument for their musical journey.

In the event that you or your student decides not to continue playing the instrument, returning it is simple and incurs no additional fees.

We strive to provide affordable monthly rental subscription prices that vary based on the instrument’s value, and the specific needs of the student. No extra fees, insurance etc.

Parents and students, including adults who aspire to pursue their lifelong ambition of playing a stringed instrument, often face the dilemma of choosing between purchasing an expensive instrument or opting for a cheaper online alternative. Our rental-to-purchase program alleviates this risk.

The success of a student greatly depends on the quality of the instrument they start with. Cheaper instruments are more challenging to play and produce a pleasing sound. By renting on a month-to-month basis, the student can begin their musical journey with an instrument that inspires practice and improvement, rather than struggling to produce the desired sound.

Moreover, when instruments are shipped through the mail, they require careful packing, which means they usually are not playable upon arrival. For individuals new to stringed instruments, this necessitates a trip to a luthier for tuning and setup. In the case of cheaper instruments, the cost of setup work can often match the instrument’s price, and even then, it may still be difficult to achieve a resonant tone.

I strongly encourage parents and students to minimize their risks and seize the opportunity to learn and create beautiful music by renting a quality instrument as they embark on their musical journey.

Rental prices start at $30 for a 1/2 sized violin and then adjust for the size and quality of the instrument.

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