Caring for your new instrument is crucial for its longevity. 

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Firstly, never leave the instrument in a car. The heat inside a car can damage the varnish, and the glue may loosen, causing severe damage. Ideally, store the violin in its case at home. When you need to make a stop, such as at the grocery store, carry your violin with you using the convenient backpack straps.

When not playing your instrument, always put it in its case. Avoid placing the instrument or bow on chairs or beds, as they are not safe surfaces. The instrument is fragile, and when not in use, it should be securely stored in its case.

Additionally, when placing the instrument in the case, ensure to fasten the seatbelt around the neck using the small strap with Velcro. This precaution ensures that, even if you forget to zip the case, the violin will not fall out.

Place the blanket over the violin inside the case. This helps prevent the bow from falling out of the bow rack and scratching your violin. 

When playing with the bow, tighten it just enough that your pinky can fit between the hair and the stick. Never touch the hair with your finger; instead, use the side of your pinky nail to measure the distance to the stick. Your finger’s oil can remove rosin from the bow, affecting its performance. 

When storing the violin bow, loosen the hair until it gently touches the strings. Hold the frog in your left hand and loosen the back screw with your right hand.

If your bow isn’t gripping the strings while playing, you may need more rosin. To apply rosin, hold the rosin cake in your left hand and the bow in your right hand, as if you were playing the instrument. Rub the bow across the rosin cake, simulating the motion of playing the violin. Apply a small amount of pressure until you feel the bow gripping the rosin. Be cautious not to apply too much rosin, as excess rosin can result in white dust appearing on the top of your instrument. If this occurs, gently wipe it off with a soft cloth when putting the instrument away. 🎻🌟

Always place the bow back in the bow rack on top of the case when not playing. Avoid placing the bow on your bed or a chair; either hold it while playing or return it to its case promptly. Taking these precautions will help ensure the proper care and maintenance of your fragile and  valuable instrument. 🎻✨ #InstrumentCare #ViolinTips #MusicianLife

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