Howery Violins does select bow rehair/bow restoration, /violin/viola/cello- setup, restoration, and repair work. We charge a $60 fee to examine an instrument for the purpose of providing an estimate for any work. The fee will be deducted from any work agreed upon.

For “violin repairs” please make an appointment for a phone conversation or for stopping by the shop.

My Violin Studio is at my residence.  When you plan to visit, please make an appointment. Thank You.

Violin Making

Will’s primary luthier focus is making violins, violas and 5-Strings. Like playing the violin perfecting the craft of a “violin maker” requires years of dedicated focus. Will’s Fernandina Beach violin shop inventory continues to grow, the instruments are used as rentals and are available for purchase.

Will offers Free Shipping in the continental United States.

List of services and pricing

Hand Crafted Violins: Will makes advanced and professional violins in his shop here on Amelia Island. He offers his hand crafted instruments directly to musicians. You can use our rent/purchase program, or of course purchase an instrument outright. Prices starting at $3500.00. Save by going straight to the violin maker! Please make an appointment.

Rentals: violin, viola, cello. including small student sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full size violins and cellos for rent by the month or for special occasions. If you are traveling to Amelia Island and need a quality instrument, we can supply them. Prices start at $30 per month. All payments go towards purchase of the instrument, or transfer to an upgrade in size or quality. To learn more about our rental program go to our rental page. Please make an appointment

Bow Rehair, violin, viola, or cello: We offer bow rehairs in most cases while you wait. Come to Amelia Island, drop off your bow, go to lunch, take a walk on the beach, or simply watch while Will rehairs your bow. Prices start at $55.00. Please make an appointment.

Setup, Repairs, and Restorations: We can provide a broad range of instrument repairs for violin, violas, and cellos. Bring your instrument in for a $60.00 estimate of the work, which will be applied to any work done. You know the saying, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Keep your violin in top playing order, repair issues before they cause more issues. Please make an appointment.

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