Laying out the F-holes on Juliet

Laying out the F-holes on Juliet. Juliet's model is from Steve Sirrs CAT scan of the Betts Strad. These F-hole printouts came straight from the Betts model. There was a little distortion due to the flat printout and the actual plate arching, but the fit is pretty good! Maybe next time I'll have my apprentice CNC machine 'print' the template with the actual curve. For now I prefer the knife, I like to feel the grain, the curves of the f-hole, the sound of the wood, the soul of a new violin.. #luthier #ameliaisland #fernandinabeach #violinmaker #NYC #violinJuliet #cnc #modeling #northFlorida #jacksonville #stmarys #saintAugustine #savannah

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