Jameson goes home with his person!

Jameson a 15 1/2 inch 5-string viola was delivered to his person this weekend in Chicago. Here is the initial response from Leigh McCue: “Picked up my 5-string ”Jameson” made by the wonderfully talented William Howery. First thoughts: handles high fast Irish jigs with a lovely response and sound that’s a bit more gentle on the ears than my traditional violin, particularly for the intonation-challenged like me. And Will’s term “chocolatey” is spot on for the low C string. Tonight’s playlist included some Ashokan Farewell and Amazing Grace in an attempt to get my ear dialed in to the viola sizing, a Carolan’s Welcome/Planxty Hewlett/Si Bheag Si Mhor trio I’m currently fixated on, and ended with some Fields of Gold to get a sense of that C string. ❤️❤️❤️ this fiddle. Thanks Will!”


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